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The Lazy Lampoons were created with the intention of combining 2 of the best stress relievers available to consumers – Vape Pens & Stress Balls. Vape Pens contain positive properties that provide smokers with instant satisfaction and relaxation; without users having to worry about any of the odor or cancerous chemicals. Stress balls are widely recognized as relief products. Releasing physical tension and increasing focus and blood circulation.

So why not combine the two?

Compatible Devices for our ECig Stress Ball Case Include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. JUUL Device
2. Ignite ONE
3. LGIT 
4. KandyPens Rubi
5. Myblu E-cigarette

6. POSH By Fuma

7. w01 Vape Pen 

8. eLeaf iCare Solo

9. Phix Pod System

10. Ooze Twist 

11. RELX 

12. Moti Vape

13. SMOK Infinix

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