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  • Ray Jay Lay

JUUL vs. Tobacco vs. Alcohol - Who is the real villain?

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

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Vape and Ecig devices are made to help cigarette smokers ease away from disgusting odor, and harmful chemicals. Over the last 7 years; the vape and ecig community have bombarded their way into our hearts. Sure, there is a huge movement attempting to end "smoking" in general, but let's face it... like alcohol, smoking isn't going anywhere.

Roughly 5-6 years ago JUUL Labs Inc began crawling its way into the vape and ecig industry. Fast forward about 3 years, and JUUL Labs Inc completely disrupted both the vaping and cigarette industry. They intelligently maneuvered their way into creating a sleek device that radiated "the future" in its design. Imagine someone from the 70's taking a time machine into 2019 and seeing a 22 year old man hitting the JUUL Device - this individual from the past would think he's in some sort of techno robot world.

JUUL Labs Inc dominated with their marketing techniques and became a juggernaut; evolving into the Goliath in not only the vape industry, but the tobacco industry as well. JUUL Labs Inc became the only product ever to actually cause a decline in the ever so powerful tobacco industry. Insane right? Who would have predicted this day was ever going to come?

In recent months JUUL Labs Inc has been taking on the media in a heated battle on whether or not their products were directly or indirectly marketed to the youth of America. Research has shown that more than a fourth of JUUL Device users are under the age of 18... but honestly, is JUUL Labs Inc to blame for this? Or are the parents of these children responsible?

Let's break this down.

Before the JUUL Device became a "thing" - cigarettes were the go-to smoke option for people world-wide. Once upon a time in Hollywood, (shout-out Quentin Tarantino) cigarettes were the hottest accessory for actors. Cigarettes eventually became a worldwide phenomenon. Celebrities were smoking these little bad boys left and right, not to mention endorsing these tobacco companies on every other commercial. This eventually led all the young adults of generations to follow to pick up this habit to eventually suffer from horrible health issues in the years to come... could this be history repeating itself in the modern day?

... hmm... okay, that's an article for another day...

Anyways, back on topic, when did the epidemic on stopping tobacco industries become the epidemic of stopping "JUULING?" I mean - it's like the world has forgotten about those cigarette monsters, and is solely focusing on JUUL Device's.

Has anyone thought that maybe the tobacco companies are plotting a master plan while the world is being distracted by JUUL Labs Inc? Could this be a clever decoy?

**Shivers in seat**

My point in saying all this is what happens if the media and "the people" successfully overtake the giant that JUUL Labs Inc has become? Are young adults going to revert back to cigarette smoking? I mean... it's common sense, isn't it? And to be frank - how does nobody have an issue with Alcohol? I would argue that alcohol is much more harmful and dangerous than cigarettes and vape devices... but yet all I hear is crickets in that conversation.

Interesting... isn't it?

I mean if we really wanted to pick issues with society when it comes to harmful substances, then how is marijuana currently becoming legalized? (Not that I'm against it) And how is it that businesses in the heart of every city make their revenue from selling alcoholic beverages? Not to mention all the issues America has had with gun violence over the past decade.

I mean honestly people... how is it that we are fighting harder to erase JUUL Labs Inc than impeaching the current president of the United States of America?

Sorry. But I had to say it.

To be fair, I understand the concerns the people of our nation are having. However, there are far greater issues that we need to be focusing our energy on. Personally, I believe that JUUL Labs Inc has done a magical job in delivering an extremely powerful right hook to those folks in the tobacco industry. So much so that big tobacco had to actually invest their money in JUUL Labs Inc before they get run out of business in the decades to come. Does anyone honestly believe that in the year 2078 people are still going to be smoking out of rolled paper? Be real now... we have little drones flying around in the skies, and luggage bags that actually follow you around the airport now.

I want to touch on the topic of alcohol a little now. Approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. I'm sure you're smart enough to do the math and add those numbers up. Again, I am not against alcohol, (so don't bash me please) but seriously look at the number of deaths. People seriously don't even care anymore, do they? I mean teens are drinking alcohol all the time - it's a non spoken thing. I did it in high school, you did it in high school, and everyone to follow who wants to do it whilst in high school is going to do it. So why are we so concerned about JUUL? Let me tell you why... Because heavy hitting tobacco companies are purposely paying the media to bash JUUL Labs Inc; and bash them hard.

**Takes a breathe**

I would list the number of deaths cigarettes, and gun cause every year in America, but why don't you open another tab and Google it? Just look at the numbers. It's unbelievably staggering... makes me cringe to be quite frank.

I do not see JUUL Labs Inc as an enemy at all - now some might say I'm bias because I'm writing this on behalf of a company that sells a product which is compatible with the JUUL Device, but I am being 100% honest. I would not be putting the time into this article if I truly didn't believe that there was a bigger master plan behind this whole fight against JLI. I can also guarantee that one of the giants in the tobacco industry is going to hit the market hard with another device to compete with JUUL Labs Inc., and then they'll market harder than Ken Griffy could hit a baseball. The stress JUUL is currently going through is eventually going to be a case of the ball in the hoop for big tobacco.

**Takes a breathe**

I think I've gotten my point across.

Let me know your thoughts on this issue, and please share this with your friends on social media so we can have a real debate on what's actually important in America right now.

Adios muchachos!

- Ray Jay Lay

^ The name is not a joke...

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